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Beef Meetballs

Hakkanese meatballs which contains selected premium-beef.

Rp. 90.000

Chicken Meetballs

Hakkanese chicken meatballs which contains selected premium-chicken.

Rp. 65.000

SS Package

2 x 20 Beef Meatballs
1 Pack Sambel Boendher
CNY Decoration & Box

Rp. 210.000

SA Package

20 Pcs Beef Meatballs
20 Pcs Chicken Meatballs
1 Pack Sambel Boendher

Rp. 185.000

About Us

Boendher Food story was started in 1950, as a small home-industry which made authentic Hakkanese-meatballs in Tulung Agung, by Mr. Tan Khay Tjoen and Mrs Yap Tjoen Foeng, who are immigrants from Meixian District, Guangdong Province, Republic of China in 1939.

In 1990s, the authenticity of Hakkanese-meatballs recipes was passed down to Mr. Tan Khay Tjoen’s son, Mr. Tan Kwen Woen who had been struggling to develop machinery for processing and producing meatballs without sacrificing Hakkanese authenticity.

In 2015, Mr. Tan Kwen Woen decided to start a company with brand, called Bakwan Boendher to preserve our authentic Hakkanese family recipes of making meatballs. The struggle continue researching and developing full automated machines to produce meatballs based on his childhood taste of meatballs.

In 2020, Boendher Food Company was founded by Mr. Tan Kwen Woen as frozen food company which serves not only meatballs, but develops any kinds of dimsum; such as shaomai, gyoza, etc which shows the continuous fight of Mr. Tan Kwen Woen to preserve our authentic Hakkanese recipes through generations.

Authentic Recipes

Hakkanese family recipes that passed through generations combine with fresh-best quality ingredients will give You the best taste of Our product.

“ Enak banget. Kerasa daging sapinya "

“ Bahan yang digunakan benar-benar fresh "

“ Empuk, nikmat, T-O-P "


Go-Send and Grab Express is available for Surabaya area. Outside Surabaya? Don’t worry. We got Our special courier to make sure You get Our product in perfect condition.

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Jl. Gayungsari 9 No. 23
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